Ginger root isolated on white background as package design

Sourcing Ginger may not sound like a difficult task but every region has its advantages and disadvantages.

There is no single solution to the right Ginger program. For this we are interested in your specification in order to source the optimal Ginger for you. At Hars & Hagebauer we offer a strong assortment of Ginger because of our 140+ years of sourcing know-how.

We understand the importance of long-term relationships with our suppliers. Working with them, often for decades, together we combine our knowledge in selecting the right varieties at the right moment.

Make our knowledge part of your sourcing strategy!


Our team of experts are there to help you with your Ginger or other challenges.
Feel free to contact us and help us find the perfect solutions for you.


Working with a variety of growers for many decades Hars & Hagebauer really has many experienced suppliers that are sharing their extensive knowledge to benefit our business partners.

Having supported their cultivation and investments for sometimes decades we are always a few steps ahead in getting the best quality produce.

Interested in meeting our supply partners? Let us introduce you to the world of quality Ginger!


Ginger root isolated on white background as package design


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