SINCE 1882

Warm welcome to Hars & Hagebauer BV. Our company originates from German based Hars & Hagebauer GmbH; a historic and well known business partner in the Fruit and Vegetable industry, founded in 1882. A company characterized by many years of experience in import and trade.

It is this experience, our commitment and long-term relationships with established producers, chain partners and customers that makes our organization a unique, reliable and trusted partner for anyone in the fruit and vegetable chain.

We maintain for many decades dedicated, trustworthy relationships with our producers worldwide, providing financial support for cultivation and investments: such as cold storage, sorting machines, etc.

We supply customers varying from wholesale, exporters and retailers in Europe.


At Hars & Hagebauer we offer a strong assortment of focus products that our customers can always rely on. Always fresh and meeting the requirements of our customers.


Sourcing Hass Avocado is all about experience. At Hars & Hagebauer we have close contact with our suppliers, are up to date about the most actual information from source.


Nothing beats the taste of a ripe,  juicy and sweet Mango. And that of course is the most important trick to offering a good program of tasty Mangoes. It’s all about sourcing, planning and organized logistics.


At Hars & Hagebauer we offer a strong assortment of focus products that our customers can always rely on. Always fresh and in the best available quality.


The greener the lime…the better it will sell. At Hars & Hagebauer we are perfectly aware of this fact and therefore we are using our longtime network of premium Lime suppliers to your benefit.


The perfect combination of the sweet and sour taste make our Pomelo a very refreshing treat for connaisseurs of this still underrated fruit.


The last few years Sweet Potatoes are getting more popular within the European market. Our assortment of potatoes offers a consitent quality that will exceed your customers needs. 


Sweet, Extra Sweet or Super Sweet … it’s all about taste experience.

At Hars & Hagebauer we offer a strong assortment of weekly fresh arrivals.


Ginger is imported by many in todays market but the key is souring the right variaties from the right regions at the right time. Feel free to consult our ginger expertise.


Besides our focus products we also offer a wide range of quality products when available according to our specifications. As fresh as can be and in the perfrect quality.







Hars & Hagebauer B.V.

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