With decades of sourcing experience we know what the best supply chain model is for our business. At Hars & Hagebauer we focus on the steps where we can use our knowledge and experience. For the other processes in the supply chain we are cooperating with other expert partners like VGK Logistics, Goodacre and Europe Retail Packing. Offering complete transparency we would like to discuss how we can optimize your sourcing supply-chain.


Based in the logistic facility of VGK Logistics we are litterally sitting on top of our produce. This makes it  easy to control and monitor the produce that’s in stock.

With a partner like VGK there is always the possibility for us to upscale to meet the demand of any retail partner.


The are no emotions involved when our quality control partner Goodacre is checking if our produce is meeting the specifications of us and our customers. Since the introduction of our external quality control we have seen a significant increase in our quality monitoring and are able to ship even more accurately according to the specs of our customers.


If there is one thing the sustainable packaging revolution has created is an unlimited amount of packaging variations. In order to be able to meet all our customers demands we are convinced that this is best done by working with a specialised partner. Europe Retail Packing is an expert in this area bringing our packaging possibilities to another level.





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